Do you project a false image of yourself to the outside world

I recently met a few people and found that they were projecting, to the external world, a image of themselves, that was so out of step with reality.

Are you the person, you project to the outside world? If not then there is a major congruence problem.

For many people the projection process may be subconscious, however for a few others it may be deliberate.

In either case, it is not a healthy situation. Watch yourself closely when you next interact with people, you may be surprised at the drama being played.

If you find a disconnect, of who you are and the image you are projecting, then you need to change the behaviour of projecting the false images; This needs a lot of intrapersonal work.

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!

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Have you ever got back to your roots?

I took a vacation and went to my native town. Took my family to our ancestral homes and showed them the spots where various events had happened in my childhood. The whole trip was nostalgic. I went to my kindergarten school and took some photographs.

Since, I had lots of time on hand-no laptop or cell phones, I had lots of time to think and reflect back. I found the whole experience very refreshing.

Have you ever tried to go back to your roots? Try it out!

As memories will flood back, along with it you will get nuggets of values that have been associated with those memories. These are the values that have made you the person who you are. Examine them! keep the good ones and discard the dysfunctional ones.

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I am back from vacation!

I was away on a vacation last week.

I will start posting from today.