How does environment affect you?

I was waiting for my wife and daughter to finish their shopping at an international beauty shop. I couldn't help overhearing the sales girl in the shop explaining how environment-sunlight, pollution, dust, etc affects the skin. She suggested specific creams and lotions to apply daily.

This set me thinking. What about the affects of the environment on your inner self? World is full of pollution, obscene pictures, vulgar music, dishonest people---. The negative list can go on and on. You are surrounded by powerful media that influence you in a negative way; Without even knowing, you are affected, by all this bombardment of negative messages.

Just like your skin needs cleansing and application of creams to keep it glowing and healthy, your inner self needs cleansing too.

How can you cleanse your inner self?
  • Read wholesome books that inspire
  • Listen to inspiring music
  • Go to inspiring movies
  • Meditate
  • Mix with friends who have principled values
  • Filter out all the negative as much as possible

You can never be too careful in keeping your inner self glowing and healthy. It is as important as buying beauty creams from a beauty shop.

What do you think?

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