Are you aware of the basic, powerful principles of action?

How is it that we do some tasks very easily and they become habits? Why are some tasks so difficult that they don't stick as habits? What are the principles that will convert useful tasks to become sticky habits of a lifetime?

Here are the powerful principles for you:
  • Higher the value you attach to an activity the more chance it becomes a recurring habit
  • Breaking down an activity into 5 minutes sequential steps enhances the chance of it becoming a habit
  • Identifying a milestone for every 5 minutes, till you reach the final milestone of that activity, enhances the chance of it becoming a recurring habit
  • Going through the sequential steps every day for the next 21 days enhances the chance of it becoming a habit
  • Visualizing discomfort of not going through the sequential steps of the activity enhances the chances of it becoming a habit
  • Having tools and other resources ready and having them placed spatially and contextually in a manner conducive to the ease of execution of the sequential steps of the activity, will enhance the chances of it being done everyday, forever
  • Monitoring the availability of the resources and tools and consistently replenishing them when they get depleted goes a long way in helping the activity to become a habit

Put these principles to steer useful activities to become habits of a lifetime.

Do share your experience here.

Are you aware of your talents?

I was watching a reality show and saw some kids come up to the stage and sing songs (Bollywood/Pop songs) imitating the professionals who were present there. I could see the expression of delight on the professionals' faces as they heard their own song being sung, to near perfection, by these kids.

These kids were so good and so talented! It is really a boon for these kids to have their talent spotted, so early in their lives! They have all the time in the world to nurture and perfect their talents; Set me thinking deeply!!!

How many of us have the opportunity to be aware of our talents early in life?

I think there is a flaw in our educational system or the way we upbring our children that prevents the surfacing of the talents in them, early on.

Are you aware of your talents? What if, in your childhood, your special talent was identified and you had an opportunity to nurture it, just like the kids I saw on the reality show? Would life be different, for you, today?

These thoughts set me thinking deeper!

Do you realize that people who charge obscene money for their performance are all related to the special talents they have?

  • Actors
  • Pop stars
  • Authors
  • Business men
  • Thought leaders

Is it too late for you or me to identify our talents and nurture them? I am sure the answer is a resounding "No".

The challenge, however, is to know the process by which we can identify our talents!

Stay tuned for future posts on how to identify your talents!

Meanwhile, ask yourself these important questions!

  • Do I know my unique talent?
  • Am I nurturing my unique talent?
  • Is my talent matured enough to give me commercial returns?
  • What is the one, unique talent I possess that I can excel and reach the "level of masters"?

Of course, it is NOT necessary to turn your talent into money; That is a very personal decision and choice.

It is a choice, only you can make!

What are your thoughts on this? Do share in your comments here!

What is the "life" of a bad habit in you?

All of us have good and bad habits. Some of the habits are "living" in you for a long time. They have a mind of their own and they control you, even though you have the illusion that you are in control.

How long have the dysfunctional, bad habits "living" in you? It is time, now, to exterminate the bad habits one by one.

Here are some steps to start the process:
  • Identify and list down on paper or create an electronic list of all your bad habits
  • Highlight the ones that are most dysfunctional and are causing you a lot of trouble
  • Determine how long these habits have been "living" in you and controlling you
  • Choose a habit-It is better to choose the easy ones first so that you can get a quick win (See the previous post)
  • Develop an action plan with a timeline for extermination
  • Take the first step now
  • Celebrate the success
  • Get back to the list and continue the process

Try this and see how this can completely change the way you live.

It is time now to take back the control! Do it right now after you finish reading this post.

Do share your experience here for the inspiration of others.

Do you search for quick wins?

There are many areas in life where we can search for quick wins. Let's define a quick win.
A quick win is a result we can achieve with minimal effort or even maximal effort within a short period of time, called quick win time window.
The length of the "short period of time" will depend on the nature of your activity.

Hence we need to do the following to identify quick wins:

  • Look at the overall effort required

  • Look at the overall results required

  • Identify major and minor milestones

  • Define long term, short term, and quick win time lines

  • Scan and search for the ones that can be achieved in a quick win time period

  • Choose a single activity that would give you a quick, satisfying win

  • Plan and execute this activity.

  • Enjoy the quick win
Loose weight*:
  • Overall effort: Exercising, diet, and following a regime of do's and don'ts
  • Overall results: loose 20 kgs
  • Major milestones: 1Kg loss---5Kgs loss---
  • Long term win: Loss of 20 Kgs
  • Short term win: Loss of 10 kgs
  • Quick win: Loss of 1 kg
  • Quick win single activity: Completely stop coke, junk food, sweets and other fattening food
  • Execute the activity with the prime focus on the quick win activity. However nothing stops you from adding other activities. The deal is that even if you miss other activities, you CANNOT miss the quick win activity
  • Attain 1 Kg or more loss
  • Enjoy
  • Repeat the process

Try this out and get quick wins from all areas of your life.

DO share your experience here
* Any weight loss activities please consult your doctor first before trying any suggestion. What I have given here is an example

Are you aware of how you interpret life?

Every event, idea, person and whatever you come across in your day-to-day life is subject to your interpretation. Over a period of time you fall into a habit of interpreting in a certain way that is either good or dysfunctional to you.

Your mind is so quick to take a stance that you almost miss noticing it or you are completely unaware of what is happening. The result is that it affects your behavior and your attitude.

It is important to monitor the way you interpret and draw meaning in your life; This is possible only in solitude.

Here is an exercise for you:
  • Take time out to be alone
  • Reflect back at your life
  • Pick few events from the distant past and check whether your interpretation and your subsequent actions were functional and wholesome
  • Pick some events that happened recently and check how you interpreted them.
  • Were your interpretations and the subsequent thoughts and actions conducive to your success?
  • How are you interpreting, at this very moment, this exercise.
  • Try to spot a trend
  • Take action steps to change the way you interpret life if you find it dysfunctional to you and your success

Try this exercise a few times. You will find that changing the way you interpret your life is the key to living life to the fullest.

Get into the habit of periodically doing this exercise to ensure you have developed wholesome habits of the way you give meaning to everything around you and inside you.

Do share in your experience here!

How can you get back your magic moments with your loved ones?

It is so easy to take your relationships for granted. Many a times your loved ones are the ones most neglected.
  • When was the last time you gave a gift to your wife?
  • When was the last time you played with your son?
  • When was the last time you told a story to your daughter?
  • When was the last time you visited your grandfather?

In the past certain activities might have defined your relationship with a loved one. These are the activities that got both of you closer. In this mad-rush world we quickly get distracted and forget those lovely times we had with our loved ones.

Distance, time, age, and the stress and strain of day-to-day living begins to erase those lovely moments; then suddenly, you are brought face to face with the gap and the lost opportunities. It is a very painful experience.

Resolve to make use of every opportunity to bring back those magic moments with your loved ones.

Reach out now! You will be amazed at the impact it can have on you.

Do share your experience here. Enjoy---