I operate on the basis of trust. I trust others and interact with them from the premises that they are trustworthy and reliable. However, from time to time, people betray my trust. I have come across people who are manipulative, self-centered and unreasonable.

It is unfortunate that the business world also has people with opportunistic style.

It becomes very important to trust, but it becomes more important to TRUST, BUT VERIFY.
There are some matters in life that are binary. For example wholsome values based on principles. Good habits based on principles. Often we cling to evil habits in one area of life and fool ourselves that they will not affect other areas.

It takes lot of courage to say no to evil habits and when temptation comes to nip them in the bud rather than rationalizing and fooling yourself that one day you will overcome them.

What we need to understand is that the evil habit will generate serious consequences often hidden.

It is binary-Yes or No. Choose no to evil habits and stick to it.
Sometime life springs surprises. Things you never imagined happens. Being prepared is alays not possible. But staying calm and thinking the challenge through could get you to the place where you belong.
Before you discuss anything with others, it is a good idea to take an OPV-Other People's view. This can make your conversations more meaningful
When there is a block, it is better to find alternative ways to solve the issue rather than waiting for the other person to solve the issue. Perhaps a tolerance limit needs to be defined based on the context and situation beyond which alternative solutions needs to be explored

It is better you bring the solutions rather than others suggesting it.
Planning ahead on events such as birthdays, will enable a more fully utilized opportunity for enjoying together. Moreover The act of planning shows that you care.
9,9 Excellence is what one must strive for in all areas of life. What are my committment levels for excellence?
  • It varies in all areas.
  • It swings from total neglect to high commitment

Keeping track of commitment levels becomes very important if you want to have balanced success in all areas of life.