Which are the areas in your life where you need to do in depth study?

One cannot know everything about everything. However, there are certain things in our lives that we need to know in depth. Let me give you a sample list to illustrate my point.

  1. Matters related to your profession-professional knowledge, trends in your profession --
  2. Matters related to the company you work for-policies, competitors, markets, industry trends---
  3. Matters related to the various laws of your country - tax laws
  4. Matters related to your hobbies
  5. Matters related to your education
  6. Matters related to your physical fitness
  7. Matters related to your child's education

The list can go on.

If you draw up a list you may have very different elements depending on your life's context. You may also find similar elements to the above list, as some of the elements are universal.

Your need to have in depth knowledge in each of these areas will depend on the various situations in your life and the various roles you play. These lists may change as you live your life.

It is important to draw up this list and identify the areas in your life that currently needs in depth study. It is also important to monitor and check this list periodically as many new elements may be added.

Draw up this list immediately! You may be surprised that there are many important elements you need to have in depth knowledge, but have scant knowledge about them.

Your ignorance may be causing you lots of trouble right now or may be building up a potential for trouble for you in the future.

What is the worth of a man? What characteristics do you have in mind while you decide the worth?

Different people have different yardsticks to measure the worth of a man. I am listing some of the common parameters below:
  1. Good grooming
  2. Good manners
  3. Wealth
  4. Educational qualifications
  5. Social position
  6. Power or capacity to wield power
  7. Friends
  8. City dweller
  9. Country they are coming from

It is very important to be aware of the parameters you have in your mind. These criteria might have been developed by yourself or you might have been programmed to use these criteria during your upbringing.

The only criteria for measuring the worth of a person is what is stated below:

He or she is a human being

We quickly judge people by all kinds of invisible yardsticks. The measurement we come up with may interfere with the way we treat them.

We may loose a chance to befriend a true, good person, just because they do not meet the preset criteria in our minds.

The danger is that all this happens, for many of us, unconsciously.

What yardsticks do you use?