Have you tried reading young adult fiction lately?

l recently went along with my daughter to a book shop in Mumbai and picked a few books for her.
Going through the various piles of books displayed, a book suddenly caught my eye. The title of the book is Time Riders.

The book is all about time travel. I found the plot very interesting and gripping. It is a real page turner of a book.

Check out about the book at the following website:

Time Riders

It is a good practice to read children’s books because it can bring back the child in you. I have decided to go back to the book shop and buy some more books from the children’s section.

Making such a shift was like inhaling a whiff of fresh air as I was habitually reading only non fiction, which resulted in the air around me becoming thicker and heavier.

Try it out! Become a child again!

Have you been programmed to fail?

Have you been programmed to fail? This may be one of the most important questions you may want to ask yourself.
Right from the time of our birth to this very moment as you read this line, you have been consistently programmed to act in a manner that may be detrimental or beneficial to you.
Most of the programming comes from the people you meet day in day out. Other sources are, books, TV, movies, internet to mention a few.

Let’s take stock. Create a table as below:

List of people/other sources Positive (+) or Negative (-) impact Remarks

Such an analysis will give you a lot of insight. Take each item on the list and check how the influence is enabling or inhibiting you.

You may be surprised at the results. Once you know where the problems lie, you can then begin to take corrective measures.

For example, if a certain person is having a negative impact on you  can decide to eliminate contact or find other solutions to minimize the effect on you.

This is an exercise that needs to be done periodically, at least once in 3 to 6 months.

You will be well on the way to eradicate negative programming and reinforce the positive programming if you do this periodically.