What can you do when the world economy is slowing down?--- BUILD RESILIENCE!!!

I can see the markets slowing down, banks collapsing, people going berserk with fear. Perhaps nobody anticipated this crisis; The ones who saw it coming may have buried their heads in denial.

Looking at the current situations here are few things we need to do to build resilience:

  • Spend wisely-It is very easy to waste money
  • Seal the cracks through which you are losing money-late credit card payments, delayed bills, wasteful ways with electricity, water,---
  • Have a vocation 1 & a vocation 2 and develop alternative sources of income
  • Become entrepreneurial rather than just an employee
  • Develop a family vision for handling finance
  • Explore various ways of investing
  • Develop your knowledge and skills and enhance your earning capacity
  • Spend time with your family and build a strong fortress of support in terms of relationships
  • Network as never before-the more the friends you have the more the support system
  • Get into the habit of helping others-make the law of reciprocity work for you
  • Exercise and keep yourself healthy and encourage your family to adopt healthy life styles
  • Get serious about spiritual pursuits-there is a lot more to life than just money and materialistic wins
  • Have planned entertainment
  • Learn and practice Yoga-meditation
All these activities will increase your resilience in these turbulent times.

Helping yourself to be resilient while helping others to be resilient is the best vaccination against the ills the current world trends will expose you to. 

People need to be together and help each other more than any other time in the recent past.

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