Try this quantum leap experiment!!!

Look back at the week gone by. How did it go? Did you achieve the goals you set? Did you set goals at all?---

These are the few questions and many more that are going around in my head, as I sit on this Friday evening, in my office, with the weekend staring at me.

I think we need to ask these questions every week; Of all the questions that I found interesting to ask, I found a question that profoundly shook me up and energized me.

The question is:

What was the one thing I needed to change, if I had changed, that would have given me a quantum leap in productivity and quality of life last week?
Home in on that one thing you need to change and change it next week; Experiment.
This is the quantum leap experiment and the question is the quantum leap lever you can use to your advantage.
This question should act as a lever to move and turn your world around.
Every week the answer to the question may be different. Every person may get a different answer.
What is important is to get to that single, core behavior that is causing the problem or inhibiting you. Once you get to that critical behavior, you can find a way to change it.

Try it out and do share your experience in your comments to this post.

Do you use the power of subconscious processing?

Many a times I have got an idea as soon as I get up in the morning; By the time I reach my office, the idea is well formed and is ready to be acted upon.

There is a power that goes to work for me every night and that power is subconscious processing. It has never failed to give me brilliant ideas.

Given below is the way to tap the power:
  1. Think of the area or problem you want your subconscious mind to process upon
  2. Dwell over this problem just before you go to sleep
  3. Visualize yourself getting up in the morning with a brilliant idea
  4. Now relax by visiting some memory that was very pleasant to you
  5. Give a command: My subconscious mind is processing the solution for the problem I just dwelt upon while I am falling into a nice relaxed sleep. My subconscious mind is continuing to process the solution which it will present to me when I wake up after a good relaxing sleep.
  6. Fall asleep thinking of the good memory

It is important to word your command carefully. One needs specialized training in this and the commands have specific rules of construction.

For those who don't have this knowledge, being alert in the morning as soon as you wake up and keeping a pencil and pad at hand is an alternative route.

If you get an idea continue to think of it and process it as you shower, get dressed, eat your breakfast and commute to reach the office. Do this only if you are NOT driving to office. Always follow safety norms and ensure you are in deep thought, only in places that do not require your alertness to avoid accidents.

Let your mind work for you! Train it and it will be your best ally in the years to come.

Happy, safe idea processing!

Do you schedule sufficient time for your ideas to incubate?

Scheduling sufficient think time for creative projects is very important, especially if that project has a deadline.

You need time to think, you need time to generate new ideas and once a new idea is formed, you need time for that idea to incubate;

Hence the chain of events should be as shown below:

Start---Think time---Understand the project---Think time---Goals set----Think time---Ideas---Incubate time---Final selection.

Most of the people do not schedule think time into their projects; Very few people even know the concept of incubation time.

Incubation time gives your mind, sub conscious mind, the time to process and give you a well formed, quality idea.

In this fast track, reactive, hyperventilating world, very few people use the power of incubation time.

They just react from one situation to another and from one project to another.

You can use incubation time only if you sufficiently plan for it and schedule it.

Try it out! Do share your experience here through your comments.

Do you use the power of pause?

Do you know that there is a power in a pause? When I say pause, I mean a pause for just a few seconds. What do you do in these seconds? You reflect! You take stock! You ask your self a few questions!
Some examples:
  • You get back home, mindlessly sit on your sofa and your hand reaches for the remote; Pause; Is this the best use of time?
  • You open the refrigerator and look at the cake with your name written all over it. Your hand automatically moves towards the cake; Pause; Am I not dieting? How much more will I have to jog to burn the calories of this cake?
  • Your peers are gossipping near the water cooler. You can see them laughing and they seem to be having lots of fun. You find yourself walking towards them; Pause; Isn't there a major report that is due at 4:00 PM?
  • Your wife is upset with you because you forgot to do what you promised to do. She is giving you a feedback which sounds to you as criticism; You want to lash out and give her a piece of your mind; Pause; Isn't what she is saying true? Why did I forget to do what I promised to do?

These examples can go on and on. There is a power in the pause. It can change the course of your life. It is one of the best antidotes for slacking too.

The only time you should not pause is in an emergency situation that makes your body react to save your life: You are walking in a jungle and a tiger jumps in your track. You are driving on the highway and the car in front of you breaks suddenly. These instances call for instant action and a pause can kill you.

In other areas of your life a pause has the power to empower you to take the right course of action.

Try using the power of pause ,after you finish reading this post, for the next 24 hours. Do share your experience in your comments.

Try using the power of pause for a week. You will be amazed at the results!

Happy pausing!!!