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Who is your Role Model?
Role model-Who is your Role Model? (Photo credit: MARUYAMA Takahiro)

A role model can lead you to success or failure. Have you ever paused and checked how many role models you follow? It is a very useful exercise. 

Before you read any further make a role model list of all the people who have influenced you silently. You must start from your earliest memory. 

Against each of the names, you have come up with write the influence he or she has had on you. Put a cross mark on all the people who have influenced you negatively.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How many of the people you listed do you follow as a role model?
  • Which role model has had the maximum impact on you?
  • Which role model has the most negative influence on you?
  • What are the impacts of each role model on your current behavior, aspirations and goals?
  • Which role model do you want to stop imitating?
  • Which role model do you want to start imitating more intensely?
Bad role model consequences:
  • Bad role model can create bad habits in you
  • Bad role model can destroy your self-esteem
  • Bad role model can have negative influence on you lifelong
  • Bad role model often works silently leading you to failure
Do a thorough analysis and you will be amazed at how many decisions you have taken in the past either consciously or unconsciously imitating role models. Don't let negative role models lead you to by lanes of failure.

This exercise will also alert you to be careful while imitating others in the future.

A role model is very essential for everyone. This is especially true if you have children. 

Ensure that your child is always having a role model that will inspire him or her to success.

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