I completed something I had kept on my list for months. What this means is profound. Putting something on the list can be counterproductive. Just find a time and do it. Let me explore this principle. It flies in the face of many who advocate lists.

Start an activity and you get the momentum. Slogan --- Just start.
How about a commitment/contribution dashboard? What do you think are the areas each one should focus on? Are there areas that are common to everyone? How many areas can you foucus at a time? These are questions you need to ponder over.
How much commitment do you have for various areas of your life? If you examine the results you are getting, you will get a clue. Is life lived good about achieving everything on your list or is it about contributing in areas where you can contribute?

May be we need a commitment meter that warns us that we are running low. Relationship ---warning low---exercise--- warning very low. Think about it. Examine the various areas of your life.
It is so easy to forget. Take exercising for example. How about creating advertisements for yourself? How many of our bad habits are influenced by ads in some form or other?Even other people can be "living ads" for some bad habits. Smoking is an example.

How about creating an environment conducive to your new habits? Think about it.