Human Resources - Twelve easy steps to get a dream job?

Human Resources - Twelve easy steps to get a dream job?
Are you bored with your current job or even your career? Whatever be your status, this post will set you thinking in the right direction and show you steps to get the dream job you want. 

The last place to seek help is your human resources department. While the human resources department is very useful for many other things, it is less helpful for finding you a dream job.

Every human resources department of every company is set to guide you based on the organization’s agendas around which it operates. Hence, your human resources department has its own limitations.

Let’s first define a dream job:

A dream job is one that will wake you up in the morning. It is a job you will be obsessed about. A dream job will make you work 24/7, and you will still feel fresh.

If you ask your human resources department for guidance, they will not have such a job for you. If they have, then you are lucky, and you need to grab it.

If you are bored with your job, then there is a good chance that it is not aligned to your vision of an ideal job.
The usual ways' people arrive at their jobs are given below:
  • Chance played a major role in their choice
  • They took a job their friends went after
  • Parental guidance led them to take their current job
  • They got locked into a job based on what they studied in college
  • They took the job solely for the money it offered
Well, the list can go on and on. About, 80% of your company’s employees would have landed their jobs based on above routes. This is the reason why your human resources department finds it so difficult to motivate employees and keep them motivated.
Given below are some steps you can take immediately to land yourself a dream job.
Here are the steps:
  1. Accept that, your job is boring and stop rationalizing about it
  2. Go to a quiet place and write for 5 minutes the kind of job that will excite you based on the definition given in  this post
  3. Be bold and challenge everything while you write about  your dream job
  4. Write about your dream job without any limitations in your mind
  5. Revisit what you have written after a day or two.
  6. Finalize the dream job write up after a week.
  7. Draw up an action plan for getting your dream job
  8. Consider re-skilling if necessary
  9. Determine a deadline for getting your dream job
  10. Network with people who are already in your dream job
  11. Land your dream job
  12. Celebrate
You may be able to get a your dream job quickly, or it may take you a few years depending on your situation. However, you will find that is not only the dream job that will excite you but also the very journey to reach your dream job that will be fulfilling.
Once you land your dream job then you can tell the human resources department the real reason you are quitting, which is boredom. Hopefully, you will set them thinking.