Do you blame yourself for a child gone bad?

There are times when despite all the efforts you put to raise your child into a fine person everything backfires. Your child turns out to be self-centered, selfish and uncaring.

In these situations, it is easy that you start blaming yourself for the way your child turned out. You may even ask yourself, “Where did I go wrong?”

I have come across many parents who have raised good children except for one child who completely turned bad.

Whenever I met such families where there is a “black sheep” so to speak, I used to wonder, “Why? What went wrong?”

This puzzle used to bother me until I read a thought provoking article in New York Times a few days back. The name of the article is ‘Accepting that good parents may plant bad seeds.’ The article has been written by Richard A. Friedman, MD.

I highly recommend that you read it because it may take the weight off your chest!

Here is the link for the article: