How do you save your ideas?

Good ideas are difficult to come by. Moreover, you may get an idea and hope that you will remember to note it down somewhere for future use.

Let me give you some tips to save your ideas for future reference and action.


  • Send an email to yourself about the idea-Gmail is a good storage place
  • Talk into a voice recorder-buy a good one that is easy to carry and use
  • Talk to your spouse about your idea
  • Send a short text message to yourself about the idea
  • Carry a small idea note book and jot it down there
These are just a few tips. The best way for you is the way you will be most comfortable with.

At least have three alternative approaches to make sure you don't lose an idea

What did you do today to save our planet?

Do you allow dirt to accumulate in your mind?

Invariably, you are exposed to dirt, pollution, grease, and germs everyday. You handle this by cleaning yourself daily-you shower, shampoo your hair, brush your teeth,---.

How about the dirt and pollution that accumulates in your mind? Do you clean them?

Here are some sources that may dirty and pollute your mind:
  • Advertisements
  • News you read
  • Internet surfing
  • Books you read
  • TV-soap operas
  • FM radio
  • Some of your friends
  • Conversations you overhear
  • Movies you watch
  • Your own thoughts

I am sure you can come up with a personalized list.

When you make a list like the one above and examine it, you will realize how easily your mind can become greasy, dirty and polluted. It is difficult to function effectively with a greasy and polluted mind- it will slow you down.

Awareness of the dirt accumulation is the first step to cleanliness.

Stay tuned for another post on how to keep your mind clean-spic and span.

How well do you climb your mountains?

When you reach a mountain top, you always have another to climb.
Find your mountains and climb them.
Only you can recognize your mountains!

Choose to be different from your environment!

What can you learn from video games?

I had a long weekend. In addition to the festivities related activities that took my time, I also spent a size able amount of time playing Smash Court Tennis on my daughter's Sony PSP.

Initially, I found the game difficult as I had to master new skills; Game after game, I lost to the opponents; Slowly, I began to improve and win. Initially, they were small wins, but later I started winning tournaments in the video game. I cannot begin to describe the thrill when I finally got to learn the skills to win matches.

Life is exactly like that. I immediately saw video games as medium to teach values such as perseverance, patience, resilience, staying calm even when there is a failure,--- the list can go on.

Video games are a good metaphor to teach children and also adults, wholesome values.

I feel the key is to point out the connection and provide guidance in transferring those values to real life.