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How long will you live a mediocre life?

This is one question you need to ask yourself constantly. 

Are you living a life that is not allowing you to tap your true talents? If your answer is "yes", then you need to take serious action.

How do you know whether you are living a life of mediocrity?

Watch for these signs:
  1. You are in your current job because of an accident and not because you wanted to be in this job
  2. You drag yourself to work every day
  3. You wish it was Friday when it is Monday
  4. You have absolutely no interest in your job
  5. You are in the job because of the salary it offers
  6. You are distracted at work
  7. You feel exhausted when you return home even though you did not accomplish much during the day
  8. You are plain bored
  9. You are constantly seeking joy elsewhere
If you have any of these symptoms then you are already in a rut.

You have two choices in front of you:
  1. Break free-Plan and aget out
  2. Remain in the job till you retire
The second option is popular-80% of the people opt for it.

What about you?

Super Consultant-my new comic

Super Consultant-my new comic