Boredom fighting techniques

Boredom fighting techniques
 Boredom Fighting techniques are very important for you to learn because boredom is a problem that you will have to grapple with time and again. What are the main causes of boredom?

Let me give you a sample list:

Getting stuck in a routine
• Getting too narrowly focused
• Not having variety of experience in life
• Hanging around with the same people
• Not taking risk
• Not going after the goals you want
• Pursuing goals set by someone else

These are just a few causes of the problem.

Boredom is problem that has been around for quite some times. Let me give you some interesting boredom quotes:

Boredom quotes:

Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom. -Arthur Schopenhauer

When people are bored, it is primarily with their own selves that they are bored. -Eric Hoffer

Perhaps the world's second worst crime is boredom. The first is being a bore. -Jean Baudrillard

In order to live free and happily, you must sacrifice boredom. It is not always an easy sacrifice. - Richard Bach

The first step is however to be self-aware that you are bored. Here are some symptoms for you to watch out:

Low energy
• Procrastination
• Irritability
• Loss of interest in stuff which you one enjoyed
• Increasing desire to run away from the person you
   are conversing with
• Admiring people on TV sitcoms and wishing you
   had a life like theirs
• Dragging yourself to work

Let me suggest an exercise to assess whether you are really bored of boredom. Keep track of how many times you have been bored in a week by reflecting every day before going to sleep.

Being aware is first of the combat techniques against boredom. I will give you further tips on fighting boredom in the subsequent posts.

Stay tuned to learn boredom fighting techniques.