If you want to change yourself, you need to take one step at a time. I started exercising today. My goal is to get to my ideal weight. For a while I am going to focus on this one aspect in the physical realm. How many changes can one handle together? Too many can cause stress. How ever we are adding changes to ourselves whether we are realising it or not. We make silent decisions that go unnoticed even to ourselves. Do these changes cause us stress?

We develop bad habits like overeating, lazing around, watching too much TV etc which can cause stress too. But the changes are always downstream with some pay off that keeps us going after the bad habit. Over a period of time the pay offs become addictive. Think about it---
I have updated my blog. It took sometime to come back to it. What did I learn today? I learnt that you need to spend time alone and write down your thoughts. Just let the thoughts flow. You may be surprised at what you have written. Experiment it and share your find here.