How to get brilliant ideas?

Do you know that there is a vast potential of ideas in you that never surface and see the day? Whether you realize it or not, there is a vast treasure house of ideas within you which has been supressed all these days, months, years, or even a lifetime.

Why do these ideas remain hidden? What suppresses them? How do they get supressed are the key questions you need to ask yourself?

Let me give you the reasons why they do not surface, eventhough you need them:

Constantly restless mind

• Always focusing on the external world

• Always being in company of people

• Television

• Video games

• Seeking constant stimulation from outside

• Always speaking and rarely remaining silent

• A limiting belief that you are not an ideas person

These are few of the reasons why those wonderful ideas within you rarely see the day.

Here are some concrete steps to surface them:

Choose a specific area where you want ideas

• Dwell on it for a few days

• Start a new habit of spending atleast an hour alone

• Put away all the external stimuli-go to a queit place

• Choose a specific time for thei get away

• Practice quieting your mind-learn to meditate and pray deeply

• Relax and enjoy the peace

• Focus on the peace day in day out

• As you listen and go deep and let go, ideas will begin to surface on its own

You will need to practice this routine every day and be patient. Over a period of time, you will suddenly start getting a flood of ideas.

Try this out! It works like magic! It is magic