If you don't use your skills and knowledge to your full potential, people with lesser skills and knowledge will get ahead of you. Think about it.
Trying things that you have never tried before is what makes life fun and interesting. We get stuck in routines. Same route to office, same kinds of clothes, same food, same way of earning a living--- we get in to a "shame same" mode and fall into a rut. Let me try to do one new thing a week to start with. Try this idea out and share it with others
Another week over. What did I accomplish? Progress is slow. Let me try weekly goals instead of weakly goals for a change. I think I will restrict myself to three major goals I want to achieve this coming week. I will report next Saturday...
Some days you really get upset. Especially with people whom you don't like. You may then consciously or unconsciously try to fix them or nail them. You may begin to view past events and give them a new color. You may then want to take action to fix this person. In these times it is better to pause--- study the matter more carefully and then take action. If you fail to do so then your actions may boomerang on to you --- think about it
I recently discovered that I have paternistic tendencies. I quickly changed myself to 9,9 in that situation(resignation)
Never let anyone threaten a consequence like quitting the job. If someone does it ask them to quit.