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What areas of your life do you begin to take control?

There are a lot of things that you can take direct control and do something about. Infact, it will be a good idea to classify all the things you can do something about and those you have no control over.

Once you have done the classification, you may be staring at a long list-"so where do you begin?"
You cannot start working on everything at once.
Use the 80:20 rule.

Only 20% of what is there on the list will give you 80% benefit. Look at the list of what you can do something about and further classify using the 80:20 rule.

Choose 3 items from the 20% list and start working on them.

Your life will change before you even know it.

How to enjoy life?

How to get the results you want in life?

Do you know that you are a product of the zillion decisions and actions you have taken?
You might have taken many of these decisions yourself or others may have taken them for you.
The way you see the world impacts the way you interpret what you see-many a times, people around you help you to interpret what you see-the right way or the wrong way.
Your interpretation will influence the decisions -right or wrong for you.
Your decisions will influence your actions-that bring you the right results or get you the wrong results
So where do you take control?
You can see in the figure above, where you can take control.
Taking control must begin with the way you see things and this will change the the entire cycle and get you the results you want in life.
Here are a few tips for you:
  • Take a result (Example- like being over weight)
  • Examine how you see this result
  • Examine how you interpret it and link the interpretation to the way you see the problem
  • Examine your decisions that flow out of your interpretations
  • Examine your actions and how they connect with your decisions
  • Examine the results and how they are linked to your actions
  • Now, determine the new result you want in life (Example- weight loss of 20 kg)
  • Work your way down the cycle

You will be amazed at the results you get in life, if you follow this approach.