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Do you get distracted easily?

Has this happened to you? You start your day with full enthusiasm and as the day goes by you suddenly find yourself wasting the day on some trivial or useless pursuit. You recognize this state you are in, but you don't stop or are unable to stop.
Why does this happen, often, to you? If you have a chronic problem, days go by and weeks go by without accomplishing much.
Here are some of the major reasons you get distracted, again and again:
  • No vision of the future
  • No clear goals set
  • Pleasure centered approach to life
  • Harbor a misnomer that self-discipline is bad
  • Want to escape from reality
  • A strong habit of wasting time
  • No demands placed on you by your organization
  • No demands placed on you by your family
  • A sense of habitual indifference
  • A belief that you are very smart and intelligent and can get to the tasks and finish them easily
  • Overconfidence
  • Settled for "less" in life
It is time to pull up your socks and get going.
Here are a few tips to break loose:
  1. Stop the source of your distraction-turn off the T.V, disconnect from the internet---
  2. Spend time to rethink your life
  3. Set long term exciting goals
  4. Talk to your spouse
  5. Take your friend's help
  6. Read an inspiring book
  7. Get organized and in control
  8. Limit your pleasurable activities to a predetermined duration and time
  9. Start small and conquer
  10. Set family goals together
  11. Celebrate small wins when you get back in control
  12. Set up some productive routines-exercise, meditation, reading---
  13. Substitute time wasting activities with new important activities
  14. Review the program you have set for your self every week
  15. Make course corrections based on the review
All the best! Reclaim your life using the tips given above.

Making life worthwhile-my new inspirational comic poster