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How does your cell phone reveal a lot about you?

The way you use your cell phone will tell you a lot about yourself.
Here are hints that you are careless or downright foolish:
  1. Do you take a call while you are talking with someone?
  2. Do you talk over the cell phone while driving?
  3. Do you text message while driving?
  4. Do you check your email while talking to someone over the cell phone?
  5. Do you stop a presentation and take a call?
  6. Do you visit someone and start talking over the cell phone with another?
  7. Do you forget to return a call?
  8. Do you call someone up and start speaking without checking whether he or she is free to talk to you?
  9. Do you take a call in a flight when you are not supposed to, despite the warning of the air hostess?
  10. Do you forget to keep your cell phone on a silent mode in a meeting?
  11. Do you forget to turn off the silent mode of your cell phone and miss calls?
  12. Do you keep the cell phone in some corner of your house on a holiday and not hear it ring, thus missing calls?
These are some of the key signals that you could be a careless person.
Correct these mistakes for your own good.