Do you recognize the phenomenon of the "deception of simplicity"?

The phenomenon of the "deception of simplicity" is one of the most dangerous phenomenon you ever can encounter. Let me explain:

Many things appear very simple to deal with until you begin to actually start doing them.

Based on this phenomenon we decide a timeline to complete the task which is way out of the base. Hence, the maximum damage it can cause is total failure at its high end effect and at its low end effect, it could cause all kinds irritation and mess.

How does this phenomenon of the deception of simplicity wayward us?
It does so through the following steps which we need to be aware
There is a task in front of you
  1. The deception makes you think it is simple
  2. You determine that it will take only about 15 minutes or what ever time in your mind that represents short and simple, to complete it
  3. You procrastinate till the last day (task has a deadline)
  4. You allocate 15 minutes in the evening to complete it
  5. You start the task and suddenly realize to your horror that it needs all kinds of inputs which will require at least a week's preparation
  6. You miss the deadline and will have to face all the consequences that go along with such missing of the deadline

The only way to avoid the deception is to face the reality. Study the task clearly to its full detail and stay clear of the deception.

Give yourself sufficient time to complete the task with a stamp of your excellence.

When was the last time you got caught in the deception of simplicity?