Do you lose your cool easily?

All of us can easily get through the day when things are going normally. The test of our mettle is when you get stressed up with all kinds of demands.

If you are having a rough day and you suddenly get a call that is irritating, as the person talking to you is arrogant and not listening to you or not willing to answer your questions, what do you do?

There is a great temptation to dump all the frustration on this one individual and give him your piece of mind. You may even feel good after such a conversation. However, the after effects of such an interaction can harm you more than anybody else. Your blood pressure may hit the roof, you get moody, and your anger may continue for another couple of hours.
How can you avoid this?
Here are a few tips:
  • Relax consciously during the day
  • Be aware of your emotions
  • Constantly remind yourself that you could loose control of your temper
  • Be aware of the affect others are having on you
  • Postpone talking if you find yourself getting worked up

It is better to not have a conversation with an individual than to loose cool and destroy the relationship. Even if you want to persuade the person to your direction or cause, the time to have that conversation is when you are cool.

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Garlic bread and thin crust pizza incident

Last Saturday we ordered thin crust pizzas and garlic breads from a reputed pizza restaurant near our home.

The pizzas & garlic breads came on time, while they forgot to give us the dip we ordered along with the garlic bread.

We called them and they said that it will be at our door step in 5 minutes. After an hour and two further reminders, I thought it is about time to set this situation right.

I called them up and gave them critique which finally resulted in they sending us the dip and refunding us money ( a 30% discount for the inconvenience caused). Why did this conversation yield success. I am giving below the factors that lead to the success:
  1. Carefully planned conversation
  2. Clear explanation of the situation
  3. Eliciting metaphorically the difference between the Pizza Restaurant & a Street vendor
  4. Linking what has happened to their values and showing them the in congruence
  5. Telling them of the consequences of not responding to me based on their own values
  6. Telling them what the same Pizza restaurant would have done in other countries
  7. Asking them how the will solve my problem
  8. Negotiating on the final outcome

They quickly agreed step by step to comply to, not just my wishes, but their own dear held values.

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