It is so important to enjoy the success of others. If you are unable to then you need a lot of introspection. People usually fall into a vicious cycle of low self esteem generated by comparision with others

You are different. Life is not a Zero Sum Game. There are lots of opportunities and room for everyone.
Taking charge is so important. Are you in charge in all the important aeas of your life. Most of the people are imbalanced and have let go. We can make this out by just looking at them.

It is very important that you identify the important areas of your life and take charge. Examples- Physical Fitness, Finance, Relationships, Your Job, etc. Unless you carefully plan certain areas of your life can get totally neglected and this could lead to serious consequences.
How concerned are you, lately, of excellence? What is your Leadership Style? 9,9 or 1,1? No matter how good you are at planning or drawing up a list of next action items, you will fail to execute your actual priorities. You may end up executing action items that may be the "good thing to do" rather than the "best thing to do".

"Good" is always the enemy of the "best" or worst the "Worst" is the enemy of the "Best"
It is not enough to collect a lot of lists while organizing. One needs to execute the lists. Otherwise, what you have planned to do acumulates and your system will fall through. Collecting all the things you need to do may give you a false sense of achievement.

What we need is real results in the real world.
When you are making important decisions (eg: like buying a house or any other major ones) it becomes very important to list the consequences of your decisions.

Sometimes a decision like "not buying a house" may help you out in future. Despite this your original need still remains unfulfilled. It needs attention. It needs your decision. The quicker you make one the better you will be.
When you choose to do something you need to set a time limit. Otherwise you get lost in the stuff you are doing and others feel you are busy.

This can upset your own and any other joint plans-like going out, reading a book, etc.

Make plans and let others know about it is a smart way to get the most out of the day, especially when it is a holiday.
I had an "Aha" experience while having lunch today. We were just discussing about everything and suddenly ---

We are greatly impacted by the way our parents and perhaps grand parents handled their lives-what they have passed on to us through their lifestyle has great influence on us.

what you do and what you teach your children has a profound impact on not only your children, but also to all future generations.

If you live an imbalanced life you will not only pass it on to your children but also to your future generations

Many people can't even prepare the current generation for success.

How about consciously planning the success of your line of generation? It is a great responsibility and can be done not by teaching it but by living it