How to apply your mind and stay out of trouble?

I have observed this, time and again, people just don't apply their minds to solve their problems. Even if they do apply thier minds, they do not go all the way to generate sufficient options. The end result is they choose a suboptimal option that gives them mediocre results.

How do you ensure that you always get the best of the solutions for yourself? The secret magic key is to apply your mind.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Generate atleast five options before you choose the final solution
  2. Revisit the solution after an appropriate period of time.
  3. Discard solutions that are not working; Go back to the drawing board often
  4. Discuss with your spouse or friend to get new perspectives
  5. Surf the net atleast once to get new ideas
  6. Be alert to the impact of the solution on your life
  7. Write a journal about your experience of implementing a chosen solution
These  are few tips to get you started; Come up with your own