What goes around comes around!

Recently I witnessed a person getting pay back for what he did some time back. It took about a year for the fruits to bear; However, it finally did.

Think carefully what you do to others! Your deeds have a peculiar in built ability to bring the hens home to roost!

Even though evildoers will seem to succeed and have lucky breaks, their deeds will eventually catch up with them in a time called the pay back time.

What do you think?

How to overcome immobilization by fear?

Many a times we are immobilized by fear. We shun an activity or a task as we imagine all kinds of consequences of performing it.

This immobilization may persist for years. You may have even attempted the task but given up half way. Here is a tip that may help you.

Handover the responsibility for making you perform the task to a person whom you trust. 

Make that person take charge of you and the task. Ask the person to be ruthless and counteract all your arguments for not performing the task.

Go ahead and perform it under the chosen person's supervision! You will be surprised! 

The task will get done and you also may realize how easy it was.

Let me know after your success. Share your success here!

How to stay focused if you are too creative?

Creative people get lots of ideas. Some of them are good and many of them need reworking. The problem for creative people is to stay focused. They quickly get bored with their own ideas.

Here are few tips to stay focused:

  1. Scan through your ideas
  2. Select just one idea to work on
  3. Develop action steps to achieve that idea
  4. Determine at what stage of completion of the action steps you will start embarking on a new idea
  5. Implement those action steps
  6. Start o a new idea only after reaching an agreed upon progress of the first chosen idea
  7. Let all the new ideas incubate in an idea bank
You will be able to accomplish much more if you stay focused.

What do you think?