How to find the ingredients for success?

What are the ingredients for success? 

Where can you find these ingredients?

What is the best way you can learn quickly about these ingredients, fill your life with them and be successful, and stand out from the rest of the world?

The answer is observing others and following the principle given below.

Follow the principle called the “doing the opposite”.

What others do?You do the opposite
Laze aroundGet busy
Have no goalsHave specific goals
Do not exercise or rarely exerciseExercise regularly
Do not readRead voraciously
Do not save moneySave money
Eat junk foodEat wisely
Waste time in front of TVWatch TV judiciously
Have only one source of incomeHave multiple sources of income
Are employeesBe an entrepreneur
Neglect familyNurture and care for your family
Are unkind and hurtfulBe kind and caring
Rarely praiseSincerely praise
Have lots of acquaintancesHave few good friends
Do not give back to societyGive back to society
Do not pray or pray rarelyPray constantly
Neglect spiritual lifeMake spiritual life foundational

These are just a few. You make up your own list and start working on it.

You will be surprised how people will notice you. You will be surprised at your success and happiness.