We had a great time today going around Geneva. Took photographs, video, went for boating and mini train ride.

This was an unplanned trip and if I look back I notice that such trips are really few. I think I need to create a fun component in my daily planning. This will help us to utilize every opportunity to have fun together
When someone reports a conflict situation by email, it is very important to home in on the key areas and check for the following: Facts pretaining to the event, statements ( ones that have been quoted), the interpretations, the logic of the interpretations, and most inportant the deletions.

This is possible only through thorough inquiry. It is very important to keep in mind the sound principles that support effective Inquiry:
  1. Search for Information
  2. Verify the Information
  3. Invite to ideas and attitudes different from my own
  4. Continuously test the soundness of my thinking by comparing it with thoughts of others

Never take any statement for a given when people make statements, especially of others and what they said. Trust but verify.

Family is everything. Remembering together good old days brings great joy. Perhaps this needs to be a regular exercise. Periodically, but spontaneously looking back together and enjoying the great moments we had together is not only joyful but gives new perspective to the current happenings in life.

Many unutilized resources such as gifts, photos, videos etc can be of great help, but more than all this is going down the memory lane together will always prove to be a priceless experience.
People make silent decisions about you. These decisions are hidden. They manifest outwardly in form of subtle behavioural differences. You would need to be alert and spot these to get to the root of the behavior so that you can remedy it.

You too make silent decisions about others, often triggered by others behaviors. Being aware through introspection is the key to effective interpersonal relationships.
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Hi! This is my blog. I like to explore new things and this blog is one of them. Here I will be recording my learnings.

This Blog is one of them. Here you will find my daily learnings. I hope you will be inspired and perhaps add your learnings in the comments.

Learning together is more fun and more insightful