How is it that I make a small mistake and it is taken out of proportion. I was late for a meeting and it got escalated to get an instant feedback.

email is a very dangerous medium to communicate. Processing it and replying is very important. People take for granted that they have made the full communication after they have sent an email and presume that it has been understood.

Since we get volumes of these emails and calendar invites, it is very easy sometimes to miss something.

You need to be careful and process every email, pause, determine the response and the next action. This was a very important learning.
To be non judgemental about people is the fundamental key to build relationship and having friends. This doesn't mean ignoring their misbehavior. Such behavior can be corrected through effective critiquing.

Being non judgemental means not attaching labels to people and writing them off.

Let me try this along with giving respect for a week equally to all ---. I will record my experience here.
How much respect do I give to people? Sometimes, I feel, I give it selectively. I need to get into the habit of giving respect to everyone equally.

What does this mean? It means valuing every person as a priceless opportunity to be a friend to. Perhaps the person may reciprocate or may not. To be able to do this, I need to be humble and acknowledge the greatness of the other person I talk to.

Let me try this for a week from today ---. I will record here my experience
What are my commitment levels for excellence in various areas of my life? Sometimes I find myself swinging from 9,9 to 1,1. Which style do I use most of the time?

It is important to be conscious of the commitment levels in all areas of life. I think I will do a pre-critique and a post critique after every situation and incident.

Let me experiment to raise my commitment levels to 9,9 for a week in all that I do. When do I start? -Tomorrow.
We selectively allow others to get away with what they want while forgetting our own needs. We recently gave up about seven important areas that are so close to our needs just to accomodate somebody else's agenda. Did all these adjustments bear fruit? Surpisingly no.

We need to be constantly alert to the fact that there may be people in our lives, not all of them, with whom we let down our gaurds and allow them to call the shots.

Will they do the same for us, even though what we may ask for is some minor adjustment on their part? The answer in most cases will be NO.
One of the best ways to learn is to take some incident, preferably, the latest and discuss is it with someone close to you who shared that experience/incident with you.

You may be amazed at the learning both of you will have. Such discussions changes both of you and can go a long way to prevent disfunctional behaviour.
The curtain story: The block is usually in my mind. I decide that something is too complex and difficult to do. I give it up. while all i needed to do is just a little bit of study and research.

It appears so easy when others do it, that I could have easily done it myself. This may be true in other areas of life too.

So:- Stop, study, split the task into easy components and just do it.