Today, my daughter narrated to me something that happened in her college. They ridiculed her for buying or taking a stand to buy only original software, music, movies, books etc. She said, "Dad! Our family is a minority in the context of being very ethical and value based in buying only original versions of anything.".

As a family principle, we have always bought only original stuff and refused, completly, to buy or download, any pirated version of anything. This has been our way of life.

It is important for families to think through deeply and act on wholesome values that are based on eternal principles of honesty and integrity. As we scanned our families and friends list in the context of their stand on piracy, it was sad to note, that many of them bought pirated versions of music/movies or downloaded them. We found one family that bought only original stuff, but when we analyzed a little deeper, it was more, because they considered themselves well off and to buy any pirated version was below their status, rather than they being aligned to any well thought out principle of honesty and integrity.

This small conversation threw light on following points:

  1. You cannot be dishonest in one department in life and be honest in other areas.
  2. The best way to teach children is to role model and be the principle you want to teach them.
  3. Rolemodeling of wholesome principles will hardwire them in your children, in such a manner, that these principles will guide them to decide and to act in honest ways, even when the peer pressure and other forces try to tempt them to act in the dishonest manner.

I am sure there are lots of families like us. My daughter told our family is a minority based on her experience in her small teenage universe.

What do you think? Are honest people and families a minority in todays world? I hope not.

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