How do you tell a subordinate to go? I told him to search for another job. I had tell him firmly, while being professional. Iron hand in velvet glove.

This was after all attempts to coach and mentor him and he showed no sign of improvement. I had an option to fire him, but chose the option to ask him to search for another job.

It is important as a leader to take tough decisions while being compassionate.

Step by step: Coach and mentor-Ask him to seach for another job-Ask him to resign-Fire him.

The decision depends on the situation and the person involved. Sometimes there is no other option other than firing immediately and sometimes you need to take a longer route.

What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you. Our actions should, for the most part, be tempered with compassion. Though, like you said, there are times when you just have to be tough. I think that the decision to ask him to look for another position leaves him with more self respect. I like your style. And I think from your post you would be a wonderful coach/mentor.