How much deep do you dive with respect to information? Do you collect information only to get by or do you make a full study?

There are many things in life that require deeper study and understanding. Many of us short cut the process. While it is not possible to know everything about everything, it is important to know everything about few of the things that are important in life. Let me give some examples:

Things you use daily-cellphone, digital assistant, home theatre, credit card, your bank and it's services, your DVD player---.

More examples-your companies incentive policy, your country's tax laws, health and fitness,---. The list can go on.

Many of us know a lot about few things. It is important to take stock. We need to ask this question frequently-What are the stuff in my life that needs complete or near complete information which if I have will give me a quantum leap in tapping its benefits?

It will be a good idea to develop a list. You may be surprised at the lack of your knowledge in specific areas and how it is impacting you.

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