This is the time of the year for new year resolutions. I made one on the christmas day itself. I soon found that I had already defaulted by the end of the day.

Unless we carefully plan how we are going to implement the resolution, it will usually fail. This is, specially, true for any resolution that affects lifestyle change-exercising, meditation, spending more time with the family, etc.

Following things needs to be done:

  1. Remind yourself of the resolution constantly
  2. Plan how you are going to implement it daily
  3. Identify your habits that may be barriers to the new resolutions
  4. Have a plan to overcome those barriers-renegotiation with yourself may be needed
  5. Do a post-critique everyday on how you are faring with respect to the new year resolution
  6. Take corrective measures immediately
  7. Do not be a perfectionist-few slip ups are OK. Don't give up because of the slip ups.
  8. Allow a months time for the new habit to set in
  9. Expect resistance and disinterest in you initially. It is normal to have resistance.
  10. Allow time before the fun begins.
  11. Enjoy the fun and the feel good when it occurs. Nurture the fun and talk about it to others
  12. Take the support of others to help you to build this new habit

I am going to try these out. In case you want to try them, please do so. If you are trying these please do share it with me. Your success story will definitely inspire me.

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