I got a call from a long lost relative. I use to hate him right from childhood, purely because he was self-centered and selfish. He treated my parents with disrespect and never took responsiblity of his near and dear ones. He always shirked his responsibility and my parents had to offer support and fill the gap.

My mother used to advice me to forget and forgive. Somehow, I could never do it.

He called today for his needs. I found myself talking to him with respect and compassion. I felt good having talked to him. I also felt strange. Where is my anger and hatred?

Did I forgive him because I forgot? I spoke to him after 25 years. I don't know.

May be time erases everything. May be I followed my mother's advice. I don't know, but I do know that it felt far, far better than nurturing the hatred and anger.

I think we need to be compassionate and forgive others totally and let time do its work of erasing the hurt. If you forgive time may erase it quicker.

What do you think?

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Supraja said...

I think that's true, Uncle.

But I think that while time may erase our feelings and some memories, we should still make effort to forget and forgive though as much as we can. I mean, what if that person needed your help before the time intervened. I wouldn't want to help that person I hate but still if he/she was in that destitute position, I would rather forgive and help him/her than not help him/her and later feel bad about it.

While that might seem a little bit selfish since I would mainly worry about my satisfaction, I would rather that be the case than me just hating that person and not helping him/her in his/her time of need though.

Time may help a lot in easing the hatred feeling but definitely I consider our willingness to forgive shouldn't be neglected just because we know time can ease things.

What are your thoughts, Uncle?

PS: I wouldn't mind others commenting too. :D