A basket of apples is good one apple at a time. It is said, that even one spoilt apple can gradually spoil all other apples.

This true for us, humans, too. The only difference is, we have a choice not to get spoilt, eventhough, many of us are not even aware of such a choice. To take this observation further, we not only have a choice not to get spoilt, we also have a choice to "change the spoilt apple" to speak metaphorically.

Alas! Many of us are not even aware of this important truth and even if we are aware, many of us do not act based on this truth. We give into group norms.

You always have a choice!!!

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Lissie said...

Hi Murali, thanks for visiting my blog! you too have a wonderful bog!!! very happy to meet a like-minded person. please visit the links on my blog under 'blogroll'. i am trying to 'change the spoilt apples' through them... you may also find it interesting :) your wife is always welcome...
Merry Christmas to You and Family!