How do you know that you are in the right job? How do know you have chosen the right career for yourself? I have changed careers and enjoyed the process of relearning and doing things that excites me. However, if you ask me, whether I am tapping all my talents and potential, I would answer with a big "NO.".

I feel I have not explored, sufficiently. I can blame it on my teachers and my education, but I know, that will be a cowardly act.

May be I could have become a great painter or an archaeologist, or a tailor, or a sailor---.

The point I am driving at is, unless we explore, we will never get out of our blind spot. You may be a good CEO, but you could have become the world's greatest author.

I think the good news is we always have a choice to try different things. May be we will, suddenly, come to focus on some hidden talent that will take us to the stars status.

The key is the courage to try. The courage to choose.

You always have a choice.

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Ronnie Ferez said...

you know that you are on the right career track and doing the right job when you are happy and contented. more so, when no matter how difficult the tasks are, no matter how stiff the competitions are, no matter how politicized your organization is, no matter how slow the salary adjustments are -you keep on waking up early day-in and day-out and you are still enthusiastic in coming for work -IMO, you have the right job.