What to do when we feel low?

We live in a crazy world, in outrageous times, with change happening at warp speed. Some of these changes in our personal lives we welcome with a smile, but there are others that will beat us down and make us frown or even cry.

For many of us the latter variety of changes comes more often than the ones that will cheer us up. What do we do when we get beaten down?

Here are a few tips we can apply immediately to lift our moods:

  • We must remember that every trouble has a beginning, middle and an end. It has begun and it will end.
  • We should not magnify our troubles by our imagination.
  • We should cut the recurring cycle of worry and focus on taking steps to solve the problem.
  • We can choose to involve ourselves with our hobbies and pastimes and use them as a break while we attempt to solve our problems.
  • We can listen to uplifting music.
  • We can mingle with people we love, just be with them and be grateful that they are with us.
  • We can choose to share our woes with a person who will be empathic with us.
  • We can remember all the struggles which we went through and came clean, well, and successful.
  • We can use pleasant memory as a weapon to ward off negative thoughts.
  • We can choose to become bigger than our troubles.
  • We can pray deeply for guidance and resolution of the problem.

We can do all these things while we are actively engaged in solving our problems by taking every step to the resolution of the problem.

We should remember that we have a choice to change our feelings while we attempt to solve our problems because when the dark clouds of our moods lift, we will be able to spot several stars of solutions shining forth. We can hook ourselves to one of the promising stars and sail through the turbulent waters we are in.


ThrillRider said...

this is actually really really great advice/ pointers :) i'll keep 'em in mind

AnfinsenArt said...

Love your blog! Funny, interesting, inspirational! I became a follower. Good luck!