How to make your subordinates always want you as their boss?

You may have worked with many bosses, and you may have liked a few of them and hated many of them.
How can you ensure that your subordinates will go all the way for you and want always to work for you as long as possible and even worry that you will leave them someday?
Here are a few tips:
  • Show absolute concern for each one of them. You may have a large team, but you will have to set up mechanisms to dialogue with them occasionally.
  • Demonstrate and demand full commitment for goals and deadlines.
  • Listen carefully in meetings and encourage people to disagree with you.
  • Allow team members to disagree with each other, allow the lone voice to be heard and always side with the team member who has a sounder point of view.
  • Yield to a sounder view point from your colleagues and demonstrate openness by changing your own point of view.
  • Engage actively to solve their problems.
  • Critique attacking their behaviour and not them.
  • Always be just and fair.
  • Even if the whole world is against them, you take their side as long as they are right and the whole world is wrong.
  • You should stand against them when they are wrong even though the whole world supports them.
These are some sure fire tips that will endear you to your subordinates forever.
You will be remembered for a long time to come and you may also enter the folklore of the organization as a hero.
Your organization and your teams need such a hero. Will you be one of them?

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