Do you learn from your children?

There comes a time in every parent’s life when the equation shifts, and they begin to learn from their children.

Do you learn from your children? I do. This is possible only if you have built trust in the relationship, and you are humble enough to focus and listen to what your children are saying.

If you teach your children in a loving way, sooner, or later they will teach you back. Sometimes they will critique you on the same behaviour you tried to correct in them.

If you actively pursue this, you can put them in command to help you to change your habits.

You will be surprised at how persistent and caring they can be to correct you. This approach has an added advantage-Your children will learn quicker as they teach and monitor you.

It is always a two-way street.

Try this out. You will be surprised how quickly and deeply the bonds between you and your children will grow.

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