What can you learn from the film Karate kid?

I found the film very captivating. There are many scenes in the film that rang a chord in my heart, having lived far away, from my own country, India, in the United States and in Switzerland, I can well understand the struggles, the 12 year old kid Dre Parker undergoes in the ancient land of China.
Here are a few lessons you can learn from the film:
  • All cultures other than your culture will seem to jar when you first encounter them.
  • You may strike a chord of friendship immediately with a few, but you may also encounter people who are rude to you.
  • If you attempt to speak their language it will cut ice faster.
  • You cannot push your loved ones to like the culture, they have to strike their equation on their own.
  • You may find help from strange places and people you may not even imagine.
  • It takes time to get used to a culture.
  • Never paint a culture bad based on few individual behaviours. There are people who behave badly in your culture too.
  • Every culture has deep mysteries and wisdom from which you can learn and broaden your horizon.
  • A burning, positive goal within the context of the new culture can change your perspective completely.
  • Search for things you can take into your own culture. The more you take, the better chances you will have to give them from your culture.
  • Perfect practice makes you flawless.
  • In a competition, winning is not everything.
  • Discipline comes before mastery.
  • Honesty and integrity will ultimately triumph.
  • Winning over your fear of losing is more important than winning itself.
  • Every culture is good, you have a great opportunity to learn and grow.
These are a few learning points from the film. If you have observed more, please do contribute.

As I wrote this, I have assumed  that you have seen the movie, The Karate Kid. (2010).

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