Seven steps to stop yourself from anticipating and worrying about disasters!

All of us, some time or another, have anticipated or rather worried about an impending disaster.

It may be an interview we need to participate in for a job offer or a presentation to a client we need to make or resolve a conflict with a co-worker ---

Painting a picture of disaster in your mind will not only stress you up, but, also, will set you up for failure.

When was the last time you imagined a major disaster upon yourself and got totally stressed up?

Think about it, while you read about the 7 steps that will free you completely from the grips and aftereffects of your imagination

Here is what you need to do:

Remember, at least, last three times, you got your self into a panic. Did what happened later match your imagination. Invariably, you will find that none of the disasters you imagined actually happened. Even if it had happened, still it was not as bad as you had imagined it to be.

Look at each of the interim events , things or people you are imagining that will lead you to the disaster. Challenge them in writing. When you write your fears and anxieties on paper, it has a near therapeutic effect; Read and challenge them on paper

Paint an opposite picture in your mind; Preferably write them down again on paper- read and smile.

Imagine your close friend has come to you with the same anxiety and fear. What will you counsel him? Role play it your mind. You may be surprised at the counsel you hear yourself giving to your friend. Remember! You can befriend yourself and give yourself the same advice.

Talk to a close friend about your fear. Let her counsel you about it. Follow your counsel.

Remember the worst problem you had encountered in the past, victoriously! Go through the memory in full detail and revel in how clever you were in overcoming it. Compare that problem to this imaginary problem that has not even occurred.

Look at what you are imagining carefully and identify areas where you can take direct action to prevent those areas from creating trouble.; Develop contingency plans too. Prepare carefully and leave the rest to God.

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!

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