Do you mix up support tasks from tasks that take you to your goals?

It is very easy to fill your day with support tasks.

Some examples:
  • Checking your mail
  • Checking your bank balance
  • Paying the bills
  • Cleaning your desk
  • Charging your mobile
  • Paying credit card account

The list can go on. These are useful activities. They need to be done. They are hygiene. However, they support your goals, but don't actually help you to reach your goals.

Example: Checking your bank balance will help you to know how much you have in the bank, but it will not increase your earning capacity nor your saving capacity.

It is important to distinguish tasks that will lead you to your goals with tasks that will support your goals.

You need to do both. You need to plan for both.

Stay tuned for future posts on this subject.

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