Twelve steps to build your knowledge and be the most sought after person in your field!

You never know when you will need knowledge? There is a distinct difference between knowledge and information. Many people confuse information for knowledge!

What are the steps you can take to build your knowledge in your chosen fields?

Here they are:
  1. Choose the fields in which you want to build your knowledge
  2. Identify your sources for that knowledge-Books, Journals, Training, discussion groups---
  3. Develop a plan for utilizing these resources
  4. Read a book a week in your field
  5. Visit book stores once a week and buy the latest books in your field
  6. Buy the best sellers in your field.
  7. Buy CD ROMS connected to your field
  8. Record your own experience and learning connected to your field
  9. Fraternize with people in your field. Discuss and exchange the latest knowledge based inputs with them
  10. Study and utilize your company's knowledge management system
  11. Develop communities of practice in your field-You lead the way.
  12. Attend seminars and workshops in your field

The more you do these, the more demand you will be in.

Try these twelve steps; They will change your life forever.

You never know when you will need knowledge! Be prepared!

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