Are you living with resources gaps? Time to take action---

Have you ever postponed getting yourself an important resource? I did! In fact, I postponed for years, buying myself a table; In our family we share the work table.

However, I bought myself a table few days back. The table is having a good impact on my productivity. I now have a place to sit and focus on the various tasks at hand; Not that I could not do it before, but I had always had to use some other place for work, other than the table, when my wife or daughter was using it.

I wish I had bought myself the table much earlier. The fact that, we lived in different countries where my consulting assignments took me did not help either.

The learning for me is that I need to examine the various resources I need, rate them on an importance scale and go about buying them.

What about you? Have you checked about the important resources you need day in day out?

Take a look at your needs and examine your current resources. If you have a gap then you need to seriously consider bridging the gap.

The result of such an endeavour can be profound and it will make your life much easier.

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