How to use the "power of routines"?

It is so easy for you to get caught in routines. This can be good or it can be bad. It depends on the nature of routines. Most of the people underestimate the power of routines and its influence on their lives.

Routines can either make or break you. Routines can keep you healthy or put you on to the path to illness. Routines can make you rich or drive you down to poverty.

What are the different kinds of routines you follow? Understanding the types of routines is the first step to mastering them.
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There are four kinds of routines:
  • The blind routine: These are the routines that has been set unconsciously and you have been following without examining them. They are dysfunctional- On the softer side they can cause hindrance and on the harsher side they can cause great harm. Example: Throwing your important papers around your home; Swiping your credit card mindlessly.
  • The lucky routine: These are routines that are very useful for you but they have been set unconsciously. You are lucky to have these routines and they help you every step of the way. Going for a walk with your spouse daily-you both get an opportunity to talk and and additionally get the benefits of walking; This routine happened naturally, as both of you never planned it consciously.
  • The dumb routine: These are routines you have consciously set up that are useless or harmful-Your colleague and you go down to the smoking area for a smoke; Both of you want to catch up and talk, and you consciously decided that meeting in the smoking zone and smoking together is the best way to accomplish both-talking and smoking.
  • Smart Routine: Example: You set up a routine of listing the goals you want to achieve the next day, the previous night. These are the routines you have consciously decided and they lead you to your goals.

It is important to examine the mix of routines you have; Weed out the dysfunctional routines, both conscious and unconscious ones, and replace them with beneficial ,conscious ones.

Set your routines right! You will be well on your way to abundance, health, success, and happiness.

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