When was the last time you went down the memory lane of the moments you spent with your father?

When was the last time you went down the memory lane of the moments you spent with your father?

Today was the day, many years back, I lost my father. I will never forget the day. I received a telegram stating that he has expired. I was in another town and caught the immediately available transportation home. The loss is irreplaceable.

I was very close to my father. He was my friend, philosopher and guide. He was there for me every step of the way, until that fateful day.

Today I just have memories of him. As I looked back at the many years that have gone by since his passing, how many times have I consciously decided to focus on his memories? Most of the time it was at random. May be mind has a way of guarding itself from pain and loss and keeps these memories far below the surface.

As I look back I feel only love and affection for him, the pain has subsided, even though I miss him especially when I want to share my success and happiness with him.

Today I have decided to periodically look back, as a conscious effort, and relive the memories with him-remember the various incidents, the lessons embedded in them, the love and joy that we experienced together.

I have also decided on a project- Collect all the photos of him, connect to the event when the photo was taken, and relive those moments. I have also decided to develop a collage of pictures in a video format carefully narrating the incident, the lessons he taught, and some insight into the person he was.

I think this will reinforce the lessons he taught me and also I will record details of him for my family and future generations.

A large part of the good things and the success that has happened to me I owe it to my father, who molded me to the person who I am today. He along with my mother were the prime architects of my character, values, and strengths that are responsible for my success. I am eternally grateful to them. Hopefully, I, along with my wife, will be able to transmit these values, character and strength to my daughter and her children when she raises her family.

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