Do you interpret and then act or act and then interpret?

Day in day out we are exposed to events, tasks, results, and our own internal desires. Most of us interpret it and generate a vicious cycle of disaster (see the first figure-Interpretation before action).


  • Result: we are exposed to our disorganized home

  • Interpretation: Organizing the house is a painful and boring job

  • Generate feeling: Feeling of boredom

  • Form belief: I don't enjoy organizing

  • Label: I am a poor organizer

  • Action or avoid action: I do nothing about organizing the house

  • Result: More disorganization

This vicious cycle continues till a major disaster strikes; Even then change is limited to your capacity to interpret.

Let me give you a virtuous cycle-(Act and then interpret)

Act: Instead of interpreting we begin to act. We postpone interpreting

Positive results: We make progress. We get positive results- apart of our house is now organized

Interpret: That wasn't difficult. In fact I liked organizing and I did get the house organized, even though it is a small area of the house

Generate positive belief: I am beginning to enjoy organizing; Organizing the house is easy if I start small and continue for a few days till I get the whole house spic and span.

Dislodge dysfunctional label: I am not a poor organizer.In I am a good organizer; In a few days I will be great organizer

This is a virtuous cycle that will put you well on the path to getting your house organized and you becoming a good organizer.

You can apply this virtuous cycle in every area of life.

Try it out! It will change your life.

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!
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