What is the "life" of a bad habit in you?

All of us have good and bad habits. Some of the habits are "living" in you for a long time. They have a mind of their own and they control you, even though you have the illusion that you are in control.

How long have the dysfunctional, bad habits "living" in you? It is time, now, to exterminate the bad habits one by one.

Here are some steps to start the process:
  • Identify and list down on paper or create an electronic list of all your bad habits
  • Highlight the ones that are most dysfunctional and are causing you a lot of trouble
  • Determine how long these habits have been "living" in you and controlling you
  • Choose a habit-It is better to choose the easy ones first so that you can get a quick win (See the previous post)
  • Develop an action plan with a timeline for extermination
  • Take the first step now
  • Celebrate the success
  • Get back to the list and continue the process

Try this and see how this can completely change the way you live.

It is time now to take back the control! Do it right now after you finish reading this post.

Do share your experience here for the inspiration of others.

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