Do you search for quick wins?

There are many areas in life where we can search for quick wins. Let's define a quick win.
A quick win is a result we can achieve with minimal effort or even maximal effort within a short period of time, called quick win time window.
The length of the "short period of time" will depend on the nature of your activity.

Hence we need to do the following to identify quick wins:

  • Look at the overall effort required

  • Look at the overall results required

  • Identify major and minor milestones

  • Define long term, short term, and quick win time lines

  • Scan and search for the ones that can be achieved in a quick win time period

  • Choose a single activity that would give you a quick, satisfying win

  • Plan and execute this activity.

  • Enjoy the quick win
Loose weight*:
  • Overall effort: Exercising, diet, and following a regime of do's and don'ts
  • Overall results: loose 20 kgs
  • Major milestones: 1Kg loss---5Kgs loss---
  • Long term win: Loss of 20 Kgs
  • Short term win: Loss of 10 kgs
  • Quick win: Loss of 1 kg
  • Quick win single activity: Completely stop coke, junk food, sweets and other fattening food
  • Execute the activity with the prime focus on the quick win activity. However nothing stops you from adding other activities. The deal is that even if you miss other activities, you CANNOT miss the quick win activity
  • Attain 1 Kg or more loss
  • Enjoy
  • Repeat the process

Try this out and get quick wins from all areas of your life.

DO share your experience here
* Any weight loss activities please consult your doctor first before trying any suggestion. What I have given here is an example

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