Are you aware of the basic, powerful principles of action?

How is it that we do some tasks very easily and they become habits? Why are some tasks so difficult that they don't stick as habits? What are the principles that will convert useful tasks to become sticky habits of a lifetime?

Here are the powerful principles for you:
  • Higher the value you attach to an activity the more chance it becomes a recurring habit
  • Breaking down an activity into 5 minutes sequential steps enhances the chance of it becoming a habit
  • Identifying a milestone for every 5 minutes, till you reach the final milestone of that activity, enhances the chance of it becoming a recurring habit
  • Going through the sequential steps every day for the next 21 days enhances the chance of it becoming a habit
  • Visualizing discomfort of not going through the sequential steps of the activity enhances the chances of it becoming a habit
  • Having tools and other resources ready and having them placed spatially and contextually in a manner conducive to the ease of execution of the sequential steps of the activity, will enhance the chances of it being done everyday, forever
  • Monitoring the availability of the resources and tools and consistently replenishing them when they get depleted goes a long way in helping the activity to become a habit

Put these principles to steer useful activities to become habits of a lifetime.

Do share your experience here.

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